Structural Skeletal Anatomy Online Course


Structural Skeletal Anatomy Online Course

Evan Kitson

Wednesday Evenings (bi-weekly), Online, 6-9pm (NYC TIME)

Looking to lend structural credibility to your figurative artwork? In this bi-weekly Wednesday evening online course, we'll take a good, through, look at the hard, consistently dependable tissue of the human figure: the skeleton!

Starting with proportion concepts, then moving on to the three major masses of the figure, and finally the limbs (with an extra focus on the difficult hands and feet!) Far from just the "facts" of skeletal anatomy, we'll be covering structural concepts that are directly informed via the skeletal masses to help us develop a rich understanding of how to use anatomy practically in our work moving forward. We'll look a number of historic and contemporary references, artworks, and figure images to help us round out our understanding and support the lecture/demo nature of this course.

Recorded feedback will be given on optional independent assignments throughout the duration of the course. To allow time for the material to be engaged with, and for feedback + time on independent assignments, this course will run every other week. Please take note of the class session dates listed below. Lastly, there will be images of nude, professional models used in this course to help us fully grasp the underlying anatomy.

This course is appropriate for anybody looking to better enhance their understanding of the human figure, and structural drawing concepts- no matter the skill level!

Class Sessions:
June: 15, 29
July: 13, 27
August: 10, 24, 31 (last classes run consecutively)

Total: 7 Sessions

Each Zoom session will be recorded, and will be posted to our online learning platform 1 or 2 days after the class session occurs. So no worries if you can't make it to all the live sessions!

I've created a reference list (books, anatomical models, etc), and you'll have access to that once you pay for the course.

Looking to put this material to use right away, AND build a sketchbook practice? Check out the Sketchbook Development course I'm running online Monday evenings! Perfect for creating an anatomical sketchbook!

Any questions?

Email me at ekitson@gmail.com

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